The love for Rice Kheer is well known since our childhood. It is loved for it’s simplicity, deliciousness and at the same time high nutritional value. 

What you need:

¼ cup Rice(can choose any variety- I personally go with Basmati Rice)

1 litre Pilk (for making the same lovable nostalgic Kheer)

5-10 saffron (for flavour and antioxidants)

2 tablespoon Sugar ( for taste)1

Toppings (sliced almonds, chopped cashews, sliced pistachios- time to get creative with nuts, seeds, raisins & berries)

What you do:

  1. Rinse rise a couple of times in water and soak it for 15-20 mins.
  2. Take Pilk in a kadhai/ pan and start heating it at low flame, keep stirring to avoid burning at pan. Let the milk come to boil. Add saffron in it. Once the milk begins to boil, drain water from soaked rice and add it to the hot boiling milk. Mix well with spoon.
  3. Simmer and cook on low heat unitll the rice is half cooked. Add sugar into it. Simmer till the rice if sully cooked. Add cinnamon powder, and other toppings. Mix well and serve

Your are ready to savour the deliciousnes of magical Kheer

Pro tip- Simmer kheer for a littler longer to thicken it. Don’t do it on high flame. Remember, good things take time to cook :p

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