Pilk Latte Macchiato

Pilk Latte Macchiato

Coffee has many names, let’s explore this one!

What you need:

125 ml of Pilk (to give creaminess)

Espresso (for unprofessionals like us, we can use ground coffee beans 5-8 grams, and distribute them evenly with flat surface after adding 1/4th amount of hot water)

What you do:
  1. Add one or two tablespoons of your favorite syrup to the tall glass (optional).
  2. Heat the Pilk slightly (it must be definitely cooler than coffee) and froth it with a milk frother. Pour the frothed Pilk into a prepared glass (Leave a spoonful of foam to cover the stain after adding coffee) and wait about a minute for the milk to separate.
  3. Gently pour hot espresso into the milk down the side of the glass or spoon and add the rest of the foam. Top it with sprinkled cinnamon or cocoa.

Get the feel of premium coffee punch.

Pro tip- Good espresso is the key for making great Latte Macchiato. Mind buying one espresso maker for the same or perfect the art of making the same in kitchen.

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