Spinach Pilk Green Smoothie

Spinach Pilk Green Smoothie

In our fast-paced life, the two things which we miss the most are Time & Healthy living. We all need quick fixes for our nutrition and Spinach Pilk Smoothie is the perfect rescue. It is the best green smoothie for a breakfast on the go or mid-morning snack and will take just 5 mins to prepare. It doesn’t taste like spinach, in fact, it’s sweet, creamy, and refreshing.

What you need:

  1. Take a mixer jar and add sliced banana, spinach, Pilk, and peanut butter along with sweetener.
  2. Can add Ice if you like it chilled, blend for 2-3 mins depending on the required consistency.
  3. Serve fresh, you can also chill it as per your liking. Additional topping as per the choice like chopped fruits, berries, etc- for an extra boost of fibers

You are ready with a fresh, creamy, and amazing-tasting nutritious smoothie as your go-to drink.

Pro tip- Use baby variety spinach leaves as the leaves are extremely tender, require no extra preparation, and have very little bitterness.

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