How Netflix Showed the Way

 It was Oct’19 when Netflix flashed ‘the gamechangers’. I watched it casually without knowing that it would change my entire view on diet and its correlation with lifestyle problems. 

It showed how a plant-based diet helps people to live a better life on a day-to-day basis and at the same time avoid lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular, etc. Also by replacing dairy with plant milk we could reduce our carbon, land & water footprint by approx. 75- 90%.

I switched and the first thing that I missed badly was milk. None of the alternatives available in the market could be used like milk and almost everyone trying to live a better lifestyle was facing the same issue.

  • It should taste good
  • It should be able to be used exactly like milk in all applications
  • It should have a higher nutritional value

This gave birth to Pilk & the quest for making the best plant-based alternative began. After 2.5+ years of extensive research, we were successful in bringing Pilk into its current form.


Why we Exist

We are a 3P company working for People, Planet, and Purpose. 

We are creating a plant-based ecosystem where we are driven by our core mission of creating a healthy & sustainable lifestyle for the people. 


 We want to make people’s lives better by providing them with healthier alternatives so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest capacity. People’s happiness is at the core of whatever we do.


We want to make the planet better than now. We act to reduce the land, water, and carbon footprint of products that are harming the environment by providing plant-based alternatives.


We want everyone to live in a cordial and ethical way. We aim to provide ethical rights to animals and believe that they should be treated in the same way we treat our loved ones. No one should harm any living being.

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